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My story.

My name is Daniel Nyairo. I wasn’t a writer always. Before August 2013, I was just a security guard earning about $170 a month.

For seven long years, I was desperate to leave the job but I couldn’t see how. I couldn’t approach an employer with my high school education and expect to get a job I would enjoy doing and with a better salary.

Nevertheless, every time I had a newspaper in my hands, I checked the classified section hoping to find something. Nothing came forth. Almost all jobs I fancied asked for at least a college degree. I didn’t have that. I couldn’t afford one. I managed to enroll in a college and acquired computer skills, though.  

My life took a turn in mid-2013. I met a stranger at an event. We had a chat and at the end, he scribbled something on a piece of paper. It wasn’t his name. It wasn’t his phone number. It wasn’t his address. It was the word Odesk.com (now Upwork.)

He told me to try finding work there.

I signed up and started bidding for work. Almost immediately I got a client to trust that I could do their project. No, not exactly. Rather, I found a client with a too low budget that he couldn’t afford a good writer.

Nevertheless, that’s where my writing career started. In three months I was earning more than what the security company paid me. I quit and concentrated on writing. And I have not looked back.

I have learned on the job. Along the way reading books on copywriting, content marketing and digital marketing has helped me sharpen my skills.

Now it is possible for me to earn more than my security guard monthly salary in a day.

On this site, I share the lessons I have learned, as well as those I am still learning, about freelance writing, copywriting and content marketing.

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