Why Your Pitch Isn’t Fetching You Writing Work

‘Hi looking for writing jobs…am a good writer…. my number 07********.’

This is a real message I received in my Facebook Messenger inbox. There are so many things wrong with it as a pitch for a writing job.

Of course, there is the issue of poor or careless grammar use. I had to assume the sender is saying:

‘ Hi, I am looking for writing jobs. I am a good writer. My number is……. ‘

But more fundamental, I don’t see how I can bring myself to hiring a writer who approaches me with so little info or reasons why I should.

They haven’t told me who they are, what makes them a good writer and, more importantly, they haven’t SHOWN me what they can do through SAMPLES.

Indeed, no serious client will hire you as a write if you don’t show them samples of your writing. I believe this applies to other skills as well. Create an account on Medium.com, publish posts there then share them with prospective clients as your samples

I know someone could argue that the message I received in my Messenger inbox was just meant to open up a conversation channel that could facilitate further sharing of info about the writer and even samples.

But approaching a client that way is having no regard for their time. Always assume that the person you are pitching to is busy and can only give your pitch a very limited attention.

The ‘elevator pitch’ applies here just like it does in other forms of marketing.

Milk that limited attention to drops. Say all you want them to know about you in the very first instance such that it is enough for them to decide whether to hire you. Do not waste their time, and yours as well.

Write a considerably long pitch. Long enough to answer all the questions the target client might have about your writing ability.

In fact, the pitch itself is an opportunity to showcase your writing skills.

It also helps a lot to research a prospective client before you reach out to them. Know their pain points and needs then address those in your pitch.

Nothing beats a client feeling you understand what they need the first time they hear from you. Don’t forget to address them by name. People easily feel connected to those who acknowledge them by their names.

Clients are desperately looking for writers. But, they aren’t so desperate to just hire anyone who CLAIMS to be a writer. They hire someone who PROOFS to be a writer. So proof it in your pitch.

Below is my pitch to a client. It isn’t perfect but it gives the prospective client enough material to work with as they decide whether to give me a chance or not.

Hi Edward,

Yes, I have the skills, experience and knowledge to write a white paper for your blockchain project.

Since 2014, blockchain has been the only niche in which I write. I have created blog posts, news, reviews and website content for hundreds of startups in the cryptocurrency space. I have also written ICO white papers, eBooks and course content.

I read a lot blogs, whitepapers and books on blockchain topics as well as visit online forums where the technology is discussed. Also, whenever bitcoin/blockchain/cryptocurrency events, such as meetups and conferences, take place around me, I make time to attend.

I was a speaker at bitcoin/blockchain meetup in Nairobi on 30 November and another one on 10 December—just to show you how involved I am.

I have knowledge about companies operating in the crypto space, founders and investment trends. I have used services by quite a few of the services. I also use cryptocurrencies; mostly bitcoin and ether.

I follow crypto news with some of the websites, podcasts and writers I consume on a daily basis being the likes of Jimmy Song, TheOneVortex (WorldCryptoNetwork) and Laura Shin (Senior editor Forbes and host “Unchained: Big Ideas From The Worlds Of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain” podcast). I read Bitcoin Magazine and CoinDesk a lot.

I have also created a list on Twitter (https://twitter.com/OngeraNyairo/lists/bitcoin-influencers) where I add most influential people in the blockchain space and follow their discourse closely.

Detailed knowledge of the blockchain space is not the only thing I put on the table. I work hard to sharpen my writing skills. I read a lot of books on article writing, content marketing and SEO and signup for courses (especially on Udemy.com and Masterclass.com) that teach these skills.

I work with a professional editor (https://spikewyatt.com/) who looks at the projects I work on before I deliver to my clients.

My rate is US$2500 for white papers below 5000 words and US$3500 for those between 5000 and 10,000 words.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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