If You Want Writing Jobs, Provide Samples

Many people starting out as freelance writers (newbies) complain that clients ask for samples they don’t have.

Someone has even equated this to employers asking for 10 year experience from 25 year old applicants.

Yes, there is no excuse why a freelance writer or copywriter should not have samples to show.

And no serious client will hire you if you don’t have any portfolio.

When you apply for writing jobs without providing any work you’ve done before you come across as lazy, not serious or not a writer.

The client wonders whether it is so difficult to write articles and publish them on www.medium.com then share links when applying for writing jobs.

If you are dealing in books, it is very easy to publish an e-book on Amazon and use it as a sample.

Writing content to show those you want to hire you is a critical step to making a living as freelance writer.

In fact, clients in the majority are not interested in seeing your academic or professional certificates.

A sample of your writing is often enough to help them decide whether you are a good fit or not.

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