LinkedIn is a Goldmine of Writing Jobs, But This is What You Must Do

Have you tried looking for writing work on LinkedIn?

If you haven’t please give it a try. Of course LinkedIn has a section where employers post job ads, but that is not where I am directing you to. I am talking about connecting with people who end up hiring you to write for them.

Over the last few months I have gotten very well paying jobs on the social networking site–We are talking over $1000 per 2000 words long article. And most of the cases it is the clients approaching me.

Before you go looking, you need to do a few things though.

First, create a LinkedIn profile that is targeted at a niche. For me it is financial technology (Fintech), more specifically blockchain technology.

Second, connect with as many business leaders in that niche as possible.

Third, engage them on topics around the industry in which their business operate. Comment when they post or publish articles and join relevant groups where industry discussions happen.

At all time when in the discussions, exhibit your knowledge of the industry in which their businesses operate. If you can, publish your own articles on the social networking site.

Finally, don’t shy away from engaging your connections through private chats.

I thought I should share this to show that there are many more places to get writing jobs in addition to freelancing sites like Upwork.

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