So, Which Are the High-Paying Online Jobs?

High Paying Online JobsWhich isn’t in the list of high-paying online jobs? Is it writing, data entry, transcribing, translating, voiceover recording, web designing, graphic designing, marketing, app development….?

The question about ‘which online jobs pay better than which ones’ is one that I have had to deal with many times when I interact with, especially, young people interested in working online. There isn’t anything wrong with the question. However, I will be erring if I told you, or anyone, that writing pays better than transcribing or web designing pays worse than software development. Or anything like that.

‘All jobs pay well as long as you are giving quality to your clients. Also, all jobs don’t pay well when you aren’t giving quality.’

All online jobs pay well as long as you are giving quality to your clients. Also, all jobs don’t pay well when you aren’t giving quality. Therefore, you shouldn’t let what others tell you they earn to solely determine the service you choose to offer.

Your primary concern should be what value you will be giving in exchange for what clients pay.

Most clients looking for services on freelancing sites like Upwork, Peopleperhour or Fiverr are entrepreneurs. They expect that whatever they pay for will help them grow their businesses. In the worst case scenario, the website you design, the app you develop or the article you write should pay for itself in their books of accounts.

‘Forget what you’ve been told pays. Don’t look outside, look inside and find the value you can offer.’

Even those clients who aren’t entrepreneurs care about value for their money.

When you meet the value that a client is looking for, they don’t hesitate to pay higher rates than you can even imagine. It doesn’t matter whether it is data entry you are doing for them.

Where do you start with giving value for money?

It starts with letting the skills, experience and passion you have to determine the service you chose to offer. If you love being in the gym, you will do a great job writing about fitness, and if your hobby is drawing, you produce only quality for your clients if you chose graphic designing as the service you offer.  And if you have worked for radio, doing voice recording for clients won’t be a bad idea.

So, choose a service that you’ve trained in, have experience in from the past (or present) real-world job or something you are passionate about. Package that for your online clients, and they will notice the in-depth and nuanced delivery, which they won’t feel bad paying handsomely.





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